Sunday, February 13, 2011

Integrated Collage - Step 3

Step 3: More paint is added

The addition of paint in the sky area begins to put more emphasis on the light coming through the windows onto the sidewalk. I especially like the results when the transition from stained rice paper to watercolor is discovered rather than the first thing seen.

This scene, in the historic section of Orange, California, is perhaps the most painted spot in the city. The notch between the two taller buildings makes for a nice negative space. It was a newspaper building for years and years and the alley beside it was the place where the "newsies" or newspaper boys would fold the papers and go off on their routes on bicycles. Later it was an architect's business, then a local coffee shop and now? It's a Starbucks...even though we have one diagonally across the plaza. Sigh....

Final version coming tomorrow.

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